Self Development Activities:
Learning Please & Thank You
Pouring Solids & Liquids
Using a Funnel
Juice Making
Flour Sifting
Expressing Admiration
Banana Slicing
Table Setting & Manners
Washing Utensils
Wood Polishing
Window Washing
Cloth Washing
Sewing & Lacing
Using Wooden Iron
Winding Yarn & Embroidery
Opening & Closing Containers
Greeting Friends
Hand Washing
Shoe Polishing
Folding/Unfolding Washcloths

Nouzha Evans: Program Director, 2000-present
BA & Masters, Sociology of Education, Grenoble-Nice
4 years in Ph.D. program, Comparative Education, Lille
14 years teaching in Marin County schools.

Kevin Evans: Music Teacher, multi instrumentalist
BFA in music composition - California Institute of the Arts,
Los Angeles

Jnana Gowan: Welcoming back our wonderful Yoga Instructor

We are offering a work-trade exchange for a portion of tuition in the following areas: water color artist, ceramic teacher, woodwork instructor, book editor, pediatrician, landscape designer, and public relations. Since 2000, seven parents have used our work-trade option.